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Lamb Rack, 7-8 Ribs - Australia (0.9 - 1.2kg)
Lamb Rack, 7-8 Ribs - Australia (0.9 - 1.2kg)
Lamb Rack, 7-8 Ribs - Australia (0.9 - 1.2kg)
Lamb Rack, 7-8 Ribs - Australia (0.9 - 1.2kg)

Lamb Rack, 7-8 Ribs - Australia (0.9 - 1.2kg)

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Weight Range - 0.9 - 1.2kg


A “rack” of lamb is a section of ribs, usually 7, sometimes 8 lamb chops in one piece. A classic way to prepare a rack of lamb is with the bones “frenched” or exposed. This is an amazingly succulent and tender cut, renowned for its rich flavor and presentable appearance when served. Traditionally roasted whole or cut into cutlets.


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