You buy it; we smoke it! Yes, it's that simple. Buy one of the cuts below, and we’ll smoke it for only 125AED. Delivering Thursday-Saturday to start.

We’re ready to jump into the smoking game after months and months of testing. Crazy good Brisket doesn’t have to be crazy expensive. Brisket is typically a less expensive cut of meat, so we’re making it affordable. Yes, it takes experience and hours and hours to get a great product, but it still shouldn't be AED 700+.


Fine Print: Please note that smoked meat shrinks. When you buy an 8kg Brisket, you don’t end up with 8kg of smoked meat. Meat shrinks massively when smoking for hours and hours. Your initial 8kg will be 5-6kg. Yes, they lose that much weight during the smoking process— it’s the same for ribs, turkeys, etc.