Wagyu Craft Burgers - 170g (pp) (4pcs) - Chilled

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Our Craft Wagyu Burgers are ground locally in Dubai, these are not small burgers either at 170 grams each. We are not going to lie and tell you our burgers are 100% Wagyu because they are not. We did numerous trials, and we came up with a 70% USDA Prime Black Angus and 30% Australian Wagyu. Why only 30% Wagyu? Well, for a reason or two.

1- If it were all Wagyu it would be really expensive and not worth it for just a burger, who wants to pay like 100AED for a burger?

2-A 100% Wagyu burger is really fatty, the burgers tend to shrink by 30-40% which gives you a really small burger

3- When it's a 100% Wagyu, it's fatty, so that means the burger drips a lot and on a grill and that means fire. It makes it hard to cook, and most of the time you burn the outside before the inside is cooked.  

So what we are saying is that we have come up with what we think is an amazing burger. The quality is extremely high, and it's priced just right. Pair it with our Martin Potato Buns and you have yourself a winner. 


Margaret River Premium Meat Exports is a vertically integrated Wagyu beef business. We produce premium branded "Margaret River Wagyu Beef" and export it to many countries. Commencing business at Cowaramup in 2003, the company now owns the largest herd of purebred Wagyu in Western Australia and employs a network of farmers throughout the South West who manage the breeding, backgrounding and feeding of the Wagyu cattle.

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