How it Works?

  1. Go online to our store, pick what you want and checkout. Payment is done online through our credit card online payment gateway. 
  2. Once you have paid, received your confirmation email and invoice (invoice will be in the name of Aramtec), it will be delivered to you within 24hrs or as specified by you on the cart page (NO DELIVERIES on SUNDAYS).
  3. When you have received your order, it is time to roll up the sleeves and get to work. Some primal cuts are straightforward to cut like ribeye and sirloins while others take a little work like tenderloins. We have instructional videos for every primal cut we offer on each product page or click here to view our instructional video gallery. Nothing we sell requires a saw, so the only things you will need at home is a cutting board and a good knife.
Tips: What to do with all that meat when you get it home? Don't worry; there are plenty of options. 
  1. Share it with friends or family. Sometimes I will buy one large ribeye for example with a friend, and we will cut it up and split it.
  2. Most of the time I freeze it for my family and I. What I like to do is get out the food saver or vacuum sealer and portion them out. In each bag, I will put one or 2 steaks, so it's easy in the future to get my portions right depending on who wants steaks.  The food vacuum is the best option when freezing it as it sucks out all the air and keeps it really fresh for the next time. They can easily be bought online like or the likes. You do not have to have a food saver because freezer and ziplock bags work well also. Meat can stay good for up to a year if frozen properly. 
  3. Share the love and throw a party for all to enjoy!