Our Suppliers

United States of America: Our US Beef, which is grain fed, come from American Food Group (AFG). With an experienced leadership team and over 4,000 employees dedicated to meeting our customer’s needs, we provide the beef America loves to eat. You can count on American Foods Group for wholesome, on-time delivery of the freshest beef from America’s heartland at affordable plate costs. Having worked with the food service industry for many years, we understand the importance of delivering the freshest, best-tasting products available with consistently high quality.

South Africa: Our South African beef, which is grain fed, comes from Beefmaster who is a trusted family business since 1983.  Most people never consider as they bite into a thick, juicy, tender steak, exactly what it takes to get it to the table. More than just the final preparation by a passionate chef, bringing South Africa's finest beef to the table across the length and breadth of this beautiful country requires dedication, expertise, and effort of a vast number of people, using state-of-the-art equipment and based at facilities operating under the strictest quality-control standards.

Australia: Margaret River Wagyu Beef has an unmistakably rich and buttery flavour, a result of its highly marbled meat and stress-free lifestyle.
A favourite among chefs and butchers alike, Margaret River Wagyu heralds from the idyllic Margaret River region. Our cattle are carefully raised by our expert teams to produce a high-quality, consistent product that melts in the mouth.
It’s easy to see why discerning diners around the world enjoy Margaret River Wagyu Beef as the well-balanced flavour, abundant marbling and fine texture combine for a distinctive Wagyu experience.
Margaret River Wagyu Beef is as rich as the region itself.

Australia: Fletcher International Exports is one of Australia ’s most integrated processors and exporters of lamb and sheep meat products.  A private, family-owned company,  Fletcher International operates two highly efficient processing facilities:  one located in Dubbo, New South Wales; and the other near Albany in Western  Australia. These two plants have a combined processing capacity of more than 90,000 sheep and lambs per week, which equates to over 4.5 million head per year.

Netherlands: When you choose Vitelco, you choose one of the largest veal slaughterhouses and deboning halls in Europe. As your experienced, high-volume partner for veal, we can offer top product quality at competitive prices. We produce and supply white and rosé veal, and young beef in the cuts, portions, and numbers that you require, whenever you need them. Vitelco works under a tightly managed process in which our attention to our customers, our suppliers and, of course, the animals is key.

Australia: As one of Australia’s oldest and most trusted beef brands, AMH has built a reputation for consistently delivering high volumes of product that our customers require to succeed. AMH beef is a staple product in some of the world’s largest quick-service restaurant chains, supermarket chains and butchers groups.


Australia: Through a network of ten strategically located processing facilities and five feedlots stretched from Townsville in north Queensland to Devonport in Tasmania, JBS has a daily processing capacity of more than 8,000 cattle and 21,000 small stock. With a commitment to maintaining the highest levels of food safety, animal welfare, product quality, and customer service, JBS Australia has developed an enviable reputation as the leading supplier of Australian beef and lamb products around the world. Today, JBS Australia exports to more than 80 countries while also maintaining significant market share in the domestic beef and lamb market.


Australia: Merri Valley Lamb is the quintessential quality Australian lamb product. In the green valleys of Victoria’s picturesque Great South Coast region, the Merri River meanders slowly through rolling hills, with paddocks that stretch as far as the eye can see. The lifestyle is calm in this idyllic part of Australia, the rainfall optimal and the environment green, healthy and flourishing, with large open spaces for relaxed grazing. Merri Valley lamb is hand selected directly from farms that enjoy the benefits of the productive pastures of this premier lamb growing region of Australia.


United States of America: For 60 years, Maple Leaf Farms has produced safe, high-quality foods in a thoughtful and responsible manner. Through the years, we have preserved the ideas we were founded upon contribution to local communities, responsibility for the environment, respect for others and insistence on high quality. Today, our fourth generation family-owned company leads the market with innovative, value-added duck products of superior quality.


United States of America: This is a turkey like no other. For over 80 years, families all across America have served nothing less. Norbest's ranching families are working together to produce quality turkey products. We value hard work and take big pride in bringing wholesome products to the world's table. We believe all families deserve the same great taste and quality that we put on our tables. 


Brazil: Established in 1996 in Indaial/SC Brazil, Villa Germania Alimentos S.A. is the largest producer and exporter of Duck Meat in Latin America. They control entire process from Hatchery, Feeding, Farming till Processing plant, Birds are fed on grains and pass through strict monitoring procedures to achieve HACCP standards. The company has 260 employees and operates all over Brazil. The products are also exported to Asia (Japan and Hong Kong) Africa and Middle East, with an average market share of 54%. In Middle East Villa Germania is a market leader.