About Us

ButcherShop.ae is the first wholesale online butcher shop in the UAE selling in bulk. We sell in bulk so you can benefit from that discount.
What we mean by "bulk" is we sell primarily in Primal CutsPrimal Cuts are large cuts of meat that need to be cut to make individual steaks or portions. This means when you order our primal cuts, you will have to do a little of the butchering yourselves at home which is easy. 
For example, when you order a tenderloin from us, it usually comes in 3-4kg. You will then have to cut it into portions and make your own individual steaks. Yes, 3-4kg is a lot of meat, but that is why you have friends and family you can share it with or freeze it (steaks can be kept frozen for up to a year if stored properly) for next time. This is why you save big money, up to 30%.  You also save because we are an extension of a local food distributor, ARAMTEC,  that specializes in catering to restaurants and hotels.  This means our meat is high quality (restaurant grade) and most likely you have had our meat, steaks or products and have not even known it. As Aramtec is continuously buying fresh meat for the UAE market daily, we can now offer significant savings to our online customers.