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Welcome to the UAE's favorite online butcher shop!

ButcherShop.ae is a premium online butcher shop that delivers across UAE. We sell restaurant quality meat at competitive prices. You'll find the same USDA Prime and high-grade Wagyu that restaurants serve on our site.

Alongside USDA Prime, Full-Blood Wagyu, Grass-fed Beef, fresh Organic Chicken, and Australian Lamb, you can also shop our Homemade Pies, Beef Wellingtons, Broths, Roasts, Grills, and much more!

Apart from beef, we also stock fresh chicken, turkey, lamb, veal, and pork products for our non-Muslim customers. Over the years we've expanded our offering to homemade menu items like our famous Beef Wellington and our pies. You can also find raw dog and cat nutrition along with bone broth and a kids' menu.

Our prices are competitive as we are an extension of ARAMTEC, one of the UAE's oldest food service companies that specializes in catering to restaurants and hotels that buy-sell in bulk. As Aramtec is continuously buying and importing fresh meat for the UAE market daily, we can pass these savings on to our online customers.

We're solely an online business, however, you can place your order online and collect from our facilities in Al Quoz, Dubai.

Our favourite products

Australian Wagyu
Full-blood & High-Grade

Australian Wagyu

Primal Cut
Save up to 30%

Primal Cut

Australian Lamb
Always Grass-fed

Australian Lamb

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