Angus Smash Burgers - 100g (pp) (4pcs) - Chilled

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Our Angus Smash Burgers are ground locally in Dubai at 100 grams each. Each burger is made from 100% USDA ground beef. 

They are called Smash Burgers because they come in balls and are supposed to be smashed when cooking on a flat surface, just like Shake Shack does it. *You do not have to do this of course and can make them the regular way by flattening them out a little with your hand and putting them on the grill. 

To get an even smash, culinary director Mark Rosati (Shake Shack head Chef) recommends pressing down on each patty with a sturdy metal spatula, while using another stiff spatula to press on the first for double the pressure. This way, you can quickly flatten each patty evenly and get the perfect sear.

Pair it with our Martin Buns and let us know what you think. 


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*Video Credits : Kojo Nnamdi